Happy New Year

Well Happy New Year and 2018 came and went didn’t it! I didn’t get to blog much last year but I really hope to this year and will aim to bring you some regular reviews and tutorials.

Last year was brilliant, I did around 20 weddings, Christenings, birthdays and party makeovers as well as being super busy with nails and gaining lots of new clients.

This year is shaping up to look like a successful one , with 10 weddings already booked in and lots of enquiries coming through. I also have other projects going on such as my collaborations with Magda, my partner in crime and creative genius. We will be picking up our playground project, working on our joint business Wedlock and hopefully creating some more art works.

I have some plans for the business this year and hope that they will come to fruition, I will keep you posted an if there is anything you would like to see from me then please comment below.

Many thanks for your continued support and have a fab 2019.

C x